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d'CRADLE stands for Center for Research and Dhamma Leadership Enhancement. This Center is setup to look into the longer term overall leadership needs of the Buddhist Community .


Buddha-Inspired / Self-Transformed / Outreach-focused / Leading with Compassion


To move the Community forward in preparing and developing inspiring Buddhist Leaders, both for now and the future. We believe the Buddha-Sasana will sustain and continue with Leaders walking in the footsteps of the Buddha!


To provide

To provide systematic and sustainable leadership identification, development and enhancement programs and initiatives for Malaysian Buddhist Community

To innovate

To innovate progressive Dhamma-Outreach strategies and approaches for the sustainability of Buddha-Sasana.

To conduct

To conduct, document and disseminate research outcomes on Buddhist Leadership of all traditions

To create

To create, develop and produce content on Buddhist Leadership and Management through the optimal usage of all medias and digital technology

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GLAD program is designed based on Dhammapada Verse 182. The Uniqueness of Human birth, Challenges of human life, the Privilege opportunity to hear the Dhamma and the Rare appearance of the Buddha.

GLAD program is to Awaken and inspire Buddhist to be more involved in Dhammaduta. The program will highlight self reflection and empowerment to take charge of one’s life and enrich others through effective leadership with Dhamma.

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Online Course

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FOCUS FOR d'CRADLE Development Programs

1) The development programs offered by d’CRADLE provide participants with Dhamma-based learning opportunities

2) With Dhamma as a basis, d’CRADLE’s holistic approach to leadership development helps enhance various aspects of leadership qualities

3) Drawing from the Buddha’s life examples as inspiration, the programs are designed to provide a well-rounded development of Buddhist leaders